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We design and develop courses and training opportunities for a variety of learning platforms including online, face-to-face and blended learning - all of which can be tailored for academic programming, corporate training or employee learning and development. 


Our design team consists of instructional designers, media specialists, graphic designers, writers and researchers who work closely with subject matter experts in any field to design learning experiences that are valuable and meaningful.  


We mix, match and adapt foundational instructional design models, processes and frameworks to ensure learning content and objectives are aligned, relevant and accurate. We then take it a step (or two) further by merging core instructional design principles with those found in design thinking and user experience design. The result?  More wholistic learning experiences where the content, activities and the learning environment are deliberately designed around the end user (aka.. the learner).

Educational Technology
Instructional Design


Program development involves the design, development and implementation of a series of learning experiences that learners must complete in order to earn either an academic credential or certificate of completion.


Our team develops and evaluates learning programs that lead to academic credentials that are recognized by Alberta Advanced Education. We also work closely with Lethbridge College Corporate and Continuing Education to develop non-academic training and development programs for businesses and community organizations. 


We recognize that understanding the learners is important but it’s more than acknowledging a variety of learning styles. It’s also about understanding the learners as ‘users’ - how they process, reflect, interact and contribute to the learning experiences over time. The way we see it... our role is to handle all the complex and messy backstage activity that enables front-stage success!

To set up a consultation for a new program development or to review an existing one, contact Jackie Doherty, manager of Learning Experience Design at 403-320-3202 ext. 5733 or by email at

Design Research
Stakeholder Engagement
Documentation & Data Visualization


Our expert facilitators take a creative approach to problem solving and thinking outside the box. We work with a variety of organizations including post-secondary education, k-12, local businesses and community organizations to solve organizational challenges and think strategically about the future. Our goal is always to create a great learning experience that is relevant to the participants and the goals they wish to achieve. Our processes are always collaborative, tangible and fun!  

If you are looking for a professional facilitator, contact Erin Howard, manager of Learning Experience Design at 403-320-3202 ext. 5765 or by email at

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